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Holistic Soccer Training for Life Success

Success isn't just about building muscle and winning prizes, it's about maintaining a healthy body and learning new skills and methods.

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Idan Selo

Football Trainer

Idan Selo

Football Trainer


As a professional Sports Trainer based in israel I have been training young athletes to greatness since 2018. Whether you’re completely new at this or a long time  we’ll work together to provide a fun and challenging fitness experience that’ll keep you engaged, motivated, and in tip-top shape all-year-round. Having developed my own unique training methods, my mission is to offer an unparalleled fitness experience aimed at seamlessly syncing the body and mind. Don’t believe me? Schedule a consultation or book one of my classes today!

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Training Programs

Turn your tiny tot into a tiny titan of the pitch! Our premier football training program ignites a passion for the beautiful game in kids of all ages and skill levels. We're not just about drills and goals; we're about building confidence, teamwork, and a lifelong love for the game!

Beginner Class (4-6)

Having values and soft skills through sport

The goal of this class is to help develop an attitude of commitment, responsibility, perseverance, confidence, strong will and respect among participants. My main goal is that your litllte treasures will achieve the sport lifestyle but moreover to improve other soft skills such: unify, sharing, respect each other, deal with succsees and failuresIf you want the best for your kids Sign up now to find out!

Football Camps (all ages)

Maximize Your Skillset

High quality football camps. I believe in making you better and greater individualy and as a group. That can be achived by a focus camp national or international. I provide a tayolr-made all around programm for a football camp. This programm will include all you need for you: mental, physical and proffesional in addition of having extra enrichment and FUN activities
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Client Experiences

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 "Idan excels at fostering a positive and growth-oriented mentality in young players. Through personalized mentorship, he helps them understand the value of hard work, resilience, and teamwork, instilling a positive mindset that extends beyond the football field"


- Rachel


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